About MyChoice Home Loans

MyChoice Home Loans is an independent Australian owned and operated mortgage broker that is jointly owned by NEX Building Group and Mortgageport Management. We provide support and guidance for customers seeking to build or purchase their new home or investment property.

We understand the words ‘home loans’; it’s a term Australians hear on a daily basis. 

With so much talk around them, it must be easy to get one, right?

Not so much. 

Today, getting a home loan from the banks has never been harder. The market has changed, and their recent indiscretions haven’t helped the cause. 

Not only that, but home loans are complicated, stressful and have as many twists and turns as the Murray River. 

That’s why MyChoice Home Loans is here to help.

As a lending company that specialises in land and construction loans, we’ll handle all the hard stuff so you can focus on building your dream home. 

We have access to some of Australia’s leading and most respected lenders, and we use these relationships to find the perfect home loan to fit your unique requirements and goals.

The team at MyChoice Home Loans will partner with you along every step of the building journey, as together we watch your dream transform into a reality. From the initial conversation, we offer the convenience, choice, clear information and communication that will give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. Plus, we work towards getting your loan approved faster and continue to provide support throughout the whole life of your loan.

No matter where you are in your build journey, now you can feel confident and relax knowing your finances are taken care of.

So, come and talk to one of our lending specialists today, and see how we can help you move into your new home sooner. 

To find out more about MyChoice Home Loans and the Construction process download our information guides:

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Home Construction Finance Guide


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