How does MyChoice deliver on providing the right finance solution for a customer?

The first step is making the finance as affordable as possible for our customers, we do this by having access to the usual range of banks and lenders that all mortgage brokers have, but by then by adding our mortgage management and mortgage lending capabilities into this mix we are able to assess these standard products against our alternative products to see which one is the most economical fit for our customers.

Knowing the most economical financing solution is of no benefit if that lender will not approve the finance for our customers and much time and effort can be spent pursuing the wrong lender. Having the ability to approve loans ourselves gives our customers a lot more certainty when it comes to gaining finance and with construction lending being more complex than a normal home loans many customers avoid barking up the wrong tree by using MyChoice Home Loan to arrange their finance.

Did you know that the two most often asked questions by customers of MJH are “when can we start building” and “when can I move in”? If you are ever in any doubt about how important speed is to our customers these two questions says it all. With MyChoice Home Loans working together with the customer and MJH we are able to access information other lenders need to wait on to get loans approved quicker, lenders consent issued internally and progress payments done on time to improve turnaround time for customers.

Fixed priced building contracts, progress payments, contract variations, authority to commence construction, home builders warranty insurance, builder quotes, tenders and deposits, mortgage insurance, certificate of occupancy, council approved plans, upgrade packages etc… Is it any wonder that financing the construction of a home often delays the building programme leading to frustrations for customers and MJH alike?

As part of the MJH group MyChoice not only understands what all of the above means, but we are able to solve many of these issues internally so we don’t inconvenience our customers which makes the process efficient for everyone.


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